Toxicroak Troubles
Story The Adventure of Adventureness
Date August 5th, 2009
Preceded by AD01
Followed by AD03

Toxicroak Troubles is the second chapter of The Adventure of Adventureness.


As Jack and the narrator walk down the road, they begin to bicker, but are interrupted by the sudden arrival of a Croagunk. After the narrator analyzes it with his collection of Pokemon cards, he sends out a Chatot to battle it. Jack laughs at the irony of a narrator owning a Chatot, causing aforementioned Pokemon to fly up to Jack and threaten him. The narrator reveals that his Chatot is unusually intelligent and can actually converse with humans, as opposed to merely mimicking their language. Chatot and Croagunk duke it out; though Croagunk manages to poison Chatot with Poison Jab, it is knocked out by Chatot's Aerial Ace. The narrator throws a Poke Ball and succeeds in catching the Croagunk. Almost immediately afterwards, however, they are approached by a group of skyscraper-sized Toxicroak, who proceed to chase them. The narrator suggests that Jack use Rayquaza to battle them, which Jack does. However, it becomes evident that the Toxicroak are merely holograms, as simply touching them causes them to pixellate and vanish. Jack then tells Rayquaza to let them ride it to Cyber Town, but Rayquaza refuses and flies off. Missingno. Master curses how they were able to defeat the Toxicroak, but Jack hears the narrator narrate this.

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  • The narrator refers to himself as a "storyteller" at one point in this chapter. This is the only instance in the entire series where he does so.
  • Jack states that given the badly written nature of the fanfic combined with the ease with which he caught his Shiny Rayquaza, he would have been surprised if it didn't know Hyper Beam. This is an allusion to a common practice among novice Pokemon fanfic writers of giving their protagonists ultra-rare and/or powerful Pokemon, usually Shiny, legendary, and outfitted with Hyper Beam.