Cyber Town

Cyber Town is a town that first appears in the Adventure of Adventureness. The Pop-Ups that appear frequently in the Adventure of Adventureness come from Cyber Town. In chapter 4, the Narrator stages the first battle in this Fanfic with his newly caught Croagunk, against a little boy who spies for Missingno. Master, who is using a shiny Porygon. In this town, there is a building called the Dot Com building, the center of the Internet. In the Dot Com building, to make a long story short, Jack catches a koffing, Miror B. joins the team, the narrator is revealed to have pink and yellow undies, the narrator dies and is brought back to life, it is discovered that Jack coul possibly die if he says please, Jack discovers that he can't read ahead in the script, and on the roof Miror B., the narrator and Jack battle Missingno. Master, and a giant robot. In the Epic of Epicness, Jack, Miror B., Hector, Misty, Cheeseball and the narrator travel to Cyber town to change the Pop-ups back to human, and they battle the giant robot again.