First appearance:

Caught: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Shield Dust
Location: with Missingno. Master

Missingno. Master's Weedle is Missingno. Master's main Pokémon. It is the strongest Pokémon he owns, despite its looks.


It is unclear how Missingno. Master obtained Weedle. It first appeared on the Dot Com Building Rooftop Colosseum when Missingno. Master sent it out to battle Jack, the narrator, and Miror B. Much to their surprise, Weedle proved itself to be extraordinarily powerful, and knocked out every single one of their Pokémon extremely quickly. Missingno. Master was about to declare himself the winner when he noticed that Miror B.'s afro was shaking. Miror B. withdrew from his afro a Pokémon Egg which promptly hatched into a Lotad. Lotad and Weedle continued the battle, but had to stop when Jack activated a plot twist that he had mistaken for a plot device, and a Shiny Rayquaza descended upon the battlefield. Missingno. Master hastily withdrew Weedle into its Poké Ball.

Weedle reappeared in the final chapter of the Epic of Epicness, where it soundly defeated Jack's Reshiram, but was nearly killed by a powerful Fire Blast/Giga Impact combination from his Weezing. Jack, however, declined to order a finishing blow, showing Missingno. Master how he has developed as a character. Missingno. Master forfeited the battle after that.

Personality and traitsEdit

Weedle appears to have an obsession with getting stronger. It has repeatedly used up its stores of power that other Weedle store up for evolution, to the point where it stopped being capable of evolving. In exchange, however, this has made Weedle exceptionally powerful. Weedle is also loyal to Missingno. Master, and obeys his orders without question.