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This wiki is all about the Adventure of Adventureness Pokémon fanfic series written by Missingno. Master. Help this wiki grow by editing and adding pages! Just a few notes:

1: Act as if you were editing Bulbapedia, but don't copy any content from there. I want this to be as professional and stylish as Bulbapedia, but I don't want to plagiarize. Nobody wants that.

2: Any Pokémon owned by a main character (defined as anyone who has traveled with Jack at any point) is notable enough for its own article. The sole exception is the seven Gyarados Jack sold to the Magikarp Salesman. Those are mentioned in the Jack's Gyarados article.

3: Remember, this wiki is accurate up to the epilogue and includes tidbits revealed by me independently of the chapters and stuff, so if you haven't finished reading, beware of spoilers!!!

4: If you're not familiar with how to edit a wiki, don't let that deter you from giving it a shot. Worst case scenario, you accidentally screw something up big-time. It can be undone. I'm not gonna jump down anyone's throat for bad editing right from the start.

5: Use the existing pages as guidelines should you wish to create a new page. Jack's Rayquaza is a perfect example of what a main character's Pokémon page should look like. AD01 is more or less exactly how other chapter pages should be done. Jack should be used as an example when creating a page for a major character, and Tom is a perfect example of a minor character's page.

The Adventure of AdventurenessEdit

Main article: The Adventure of Adventureness (series)

The Adventure of Adventureness is a fanfic series written by Missingno. Master, who is also a character in said series. It details the adventures of Jack as he attempts to exact revenge on his author for writing him into a shoddily made story.

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